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Paid Surveys - Work From Home

Developer: AppyHand

Paid Surveys - Work From Home is a site which lets you to earn cash by taking online surveys absolutely free. You fill in basic information about yourself, like your name, address and location and willingly register for e-mail ads. Creating a brand new e-mail to do this is wise.How much are you able to make?
What you earn depends on the effort you devote to it, but I am earning about $15 an hour doing free surveys.
Most surveys are between $0.25 - $0.50, but there are often ones in the $1 - $2 range too.
In general, doing a single survey will take about 5 minutes.
Right now you can get paid for the following type of offers:
Offers: In which you earn cash for free trials, installs and the likeSurveys: In which you get paid for completing free surveysTop Surveys: Larger payouts per surveyReferrals: Whenever you refer new users, you will get a 20% - 30% referral commission of everything they earn for lifeVideos: You will get paid to watch VideosCash Tasks: Will pay you to complete various tasks
Additionally, you can play online games and earn points that youll exchange for gift cards from a large number of stores like Amazon, iTunes, Walmart and many more.
Paid Surveys - Work From Home is a popular site that lets you make money for performing very simple work. You can easily make an extra $500 per month just by working a few hours per week.